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The End Karaoke Privacy Statement
The End Karaoke collects personal data and / or information about you (hereinafter:
“Personal data”) via The End Karaoke branches, website (s), application (s), promotions, its
savings program and other services. The End Karaoke is convinced that the protection of
Personal Data is essential.
In the context of transparency, to which we attach great importance, we think it is important
that you know exactly which Personal Data The End Karaoke collects, for which purposes
we use this Personal Data, to which third parties this Personal Data is provided and how you
exercise your rights with can exercise with regard to this Personal Data. In this The End
Karaoke Privacy Statement (hereinafter: “Privacy Statement”) we describe that in a
well-arranged manner. The End Karaoke guarantees in any case that Personal Data is
collected, used and disposed of in a careful manner and in accordance with legislation and
This Privacy Statement can of course change if new developments give cause for this. You
can always find the most current Privacy Statement on www.The End If the
Privacy Statement is changed, The End Karaoke will communicate this via its website.
If you have questions about our Privacy Statement, you can address this to:
Daga Beheer
Department of The End Karaoke Customer Service
Industrieweg 73
1115 AD Duivendrecht
or via
What is covered by The End Karaoke?
The End Karaoke is legally responsible for processing all Personal Data of our (potential)
customers, visitors and users of The End Karaoke affiliates, websites (including,,, and
other services, such as The End Karaoke app (hereinafter: “The End Karaoke App”).
By The End Karaoke is meant:
Daga Events; The End Karaoke Amsterdam
Daga Groningen; The End Karaoke Groningen
Daga Tilburg; The End Karaoke Tilburg
❏ For what purposes does The End Karaoke collect and process personal
❏ Access to and adaptation of Personal Data
❏ Which third parties have access to your data?
❏ Security of Personal Data
❏ How long will your Personal Data be stored
❏ The End Karaoke and third-party websites
❏ For what purposes does The End Karaoke collect and process personal data?

  1. The End Karaoke collects and processes Personal Data for the following purposes:
    Executing orders for products and services from the webshop, The End Karaoke
    affiliates or The End Karaoke App and creating and maintaining the (personal) The
    End Karaoke account (hereafter : “The End Karaoke Account”) of the person
  2. Username (displayName) – A name chosen by the user to identify their account to
    the karaoke screens/ staff on the computer, can be changed by the user and does
    not have to reflect their real name. We store this in database, and is searchable by a
    systemAdmin for the purpose of adding song credits, or adding a note to the user
    (e.g.”doesn’t want people to join them on stage”)
  3. Unique Identifier (uid) – A unique identification generated by us for their account.
    Used to reference them in the database. Email Address (email) – Their account is
    authenticated via email with (Firebase Authentication), we store the email address in
    the database, so again it is searchable by a systemAdmin. (note, searching for an
    email address will not show a username/uid and visa versa).
  4. Playlists (playlists) – lists of songs chosen and name by the user, private to them
    and can’t be accessed by anyone else (unless the user specifically shares their
    playlist with a third party, were a copy of this playlist is given to said 3rd party, and
    this copy is then private to them). While we will not access a playlist of an individual
    user, all playlists will be read together to get marketing information on the favourite
    type of music, genres etc…
  5. Drinks (drinks) – list of favourite drinks, or commonly ordered drinks, again for
    marketing purposes.
  6. Orders (pastOrders) – If a user scans their receipt we can store the order that they
    made, for marketing purposes, but also for other things such as tailored
  7. Location (not a variable on the user) – location information of a user is not stored
    in relation to their personal information. The database will log that a user has “check
    in” but it won’t store which user is where, therefor A system admin/anyone can not
    see where a user is based on their location, just that an unknown user was at a
    location. The location logs is so we can see busyness and peak usage times of the
    application, and it is used by the app to assert they are at one of our locations when
    they want to order a song.
  8. Song Credits (songCredits) – A user will use a song credit to order a song to the
    system, credits can be retrieved by scanning a receipt or a staff member crediting an
    account (e.g. ripped receipt). Credits cannot be redeemed for money, sold or
    transferred. Credits lose their value at the end of the night and are converted into
    loyalty points.
  9. Loyalty Points (loyaltyPoints) – Generated automatically at the end of the night (or
    on command of the user), they cannot be transferred, sold or redeemed for money.
    They can be redeemed for a set offer (e.g. 1000lp = 1 hour private room, actual
    figures/conversions will be different and will not be at a set/linear scale), it is also
    possible that loyalty points will not be redeemable for an offer instead, offers will be
    given on reaching a milestone.
  10. Sending offers, news and promotions via e-mail, The End Karaoke App and mail;
  11. Analyzes for process improvement, product and service development and market
  12. Preventing and combating theft or other forms of fraud;
  13. To support communication and campaigns via social media;
  14. Handling complaints and requests for information.
    -The End Karaoke Account
    To be able to make full use of all the services and functionalities that The End
    Karaoke offers via the website and The End Karaoke App, you must create a
    personal The End Karaoke Account. When you create a The End Karaoke Account,
    you will be asked to provide certain Personal Data. Providing a valid e-mail address,
    password, first and last name, salutation, zip code, house number and telephone
    number is required. You can always change the Personal Data that you provide. The
    information you provide enables us to better tailor our services to you. In addition to
    the purposes specified further in this Privacy Statement, we use the Personal Data
    provided to create the The End Karaoke Account and the associated functionalities.
    You can delete your The End Karaoke Account at any time. If you delete your
    Account, your data will no longer be saved.
    The processing of Personal Data for the purpose of creating a The End Karaoke
    Account is necessary for the implementation of the agreement between you and The
    End Karaoke.
    -Sending offers, news and promotions via e-mail, and the The End Karaoke app.
    If you have given your permission, your e-mail address will be used for sending
    newsletters with current offers, specific promotions and information about, for
    example, (new) products and services. If you have installed The End Karaoke App
    and have agreed to receive push notifications, you will receive push notifications from
    The End Karaoke with current offers, specific promotions and information about
    (new) products and services, for example. You can always withdraw the permission
    for this by turning off the push notifications at the settings of your phone. By using the
    The End Karaoke App you also agree to receive messages in the inbox of the The
    End Karaoke App and you can give permission to share your location. Finally, The
    End Karaoke can also send you offers, specific promotions and information about
    (new) products and services by post. For this you can also unsubscribe via The End
    Karaoke Customer Service, see this Privacy Statement at the top or via the
    unsubscribe option included in the mail item.
    As indicated above, we process your Personal Data for sending offers, news,
    promotions via e-mail, and the The End Karaoke App based on your permission. You
    can always withdraw your permission to send e-mail newsletters by using the
    unsubscribe link in the e-mail message sent. If you withdraw your consent to send
    e-mail newsletters, we will remove your information.
    -Analyzes for process improvement, product/service development and market
    The End Karaoke strives to deliver the highest quality websites, apps and services
    and to tailor the range and services as well as possible to the wishes and needs of
    our customers and visitors. For this it is necessary that The End Karaoke performs
    statistical research so that it can make adjustments where necessary. The End
    Karaoke can use customer data for this statistical research. Research results are
    always reported on an aggregated basis and can in no way be traced back to
    individual customers.
    ● By analyzing your behavior on our marketing communications and websites, we can
    better tailor our website and offers to your personal preferences. This involves
    profiling: this is any form of automated data processing in which we analyze certain
    personal aspects of you in order to predict your personal preferences, interests and
    behavior, among other things. For this we use cookie data and account data (and
    with your permission data from other parties). Consider: Last purchased items
    ● Pages viewed on our websites
    ● Order of articles on article overview pages
    ● Discount codes
    ● We analyze how effective our campaigns are based on your behavior. For this we
    look at your (re) action.
    This processing of Personal Data for this purpose is necessary to protect legitimate
    interests in order to be able to provide you with the best possible service and to give
    you the best customer experience.
    -Preventing and combating theft or other forms of fraud
    Camera security
    We protect our The End Karaoke affiliates with cameras to protect our employees,
    customers and property. These cameras are placed in a clearly visible position and
    upon entering one of our stores you will be notified of the presence of camera
    surveillance. We save the captured video images for a maximum of 1 week
    afterwards, we destroy these images, unless there are good reasons to keep the
    images longer (for example, when these are important for a police investigation).
    We consider the processing of the Personal Data involved in camera security to be
    necessary to protect legitimate interests that we have a safe store for our customers
    and employees and to prevent fraud. Our camera systems are always positioned and
    arranged in such a way that this has the least possible impact on your privacy.
    -To support online marketing communication and campaigns
    The End Karaoke likes to talk to customers, visitors to the website, users of the The
    End Karaoke App about its organization, products and / or services via the web and
    (own) social media channels. The goal is to provide useful and relevant information
    and / or answer questions. The End Karaoke actively follows the internet and social
    media channels, such as Facebook, Twitter and blogs. The End Karaoke follows
    discussions on these channels, participates in them and answers individual, relevant
    questions. The End Karaoke explicitly reserves the right not to respond to every
    question or comment. Therefore, no rights can be derived from responding or not
    responding to content.
    When you communicate with us via our social media pages (for example when you
    post a comment or follow us by clicking on the “Like” button) we may be able to see
    Personal Information about you. This Privacy Statement then applies to the personal
    data that The End Karaoke processes. If you choose to share the The End Karaoke
    Website or other The End Karaoke (online) services via social media, then your
    Personal Information (such as your name and the fact that you are interested in our
    products and services) may also be visible to all visitors to your personal social
    media pages. The conditions, privacy policy and cookie statement of the relevant
    social media websites apply to the use of such social media websites.
    The processing of Personal Data that takes place when we follow the internet and
    social media channels, when you communicate with us through those channels, are
    necessary to represent legitimate interests in order to provide you with the best
    possible service and behavior and possible preferences better understanding of
    customers of The End Karaoke. We match your Personal Data with data from social
    media or search engines based on your consent.
    -Handling complaints and requests for information
    If you contact The End Karaoke customer service because you have questions or
    complaints about The End Karaoke services, we will save your contact details and
    your question or complaint. The End Karaoke may ask you to provide more Personal
    Information if we consider it necessary to answer the question or handle the
    complaint. The provided Personal Data is used to handle the question or complaint.
    The Personal Data that we process for this purpose may occur because you have
    purchased products from The End Karaoke or have purchased services or are
    planning to do so. The data processing is then necessary for the implementation of
    the agreement that you have entered into or wish to conclude with us. In addition,
    these data processing may be necessary to represent legitimate interests in order to
    provide you with the best possible service and to give you the best The End Karaoke
    ❏ Access to and adaptation of Personal Data
    You can make a request to provide your Personal Data in a common file format. You can
    also make a request to have your Personal Data corrected, supplemented, deleted or to limit
    the use of your Personal Data and you can object to the (further) processing of your
    Personal Data.
    You can send your request to The End Karaoke Customer Service. The End Karaoke will
    then request that you send in a copy of a proof of identity. The End Karaoke will in principle
    respond to your request in writing within (1) month via the specified e-mail address. If your
    request is complicated, this period can be extended by another (2) months. We will then let
    you know within (1) month of receiving your request.
    You can also always view your Personal Data and, if necessary, change it in your own The
    End Karaoke Account.
    For the sake of completeness, we again provide the details of The End Karaoke Customer
    Service below.
    Daga Beheer
    Department of The End Karaoke Customer Service
    Industrieweg 73
    1115 AD Duivendrecht
    or via
    ❏ Which third parties have access to your data?
    The End Karaoke engages third parties in the execution of its services. Personal data will
    only be made available to third parties if this data is required for the third party to perform the
    relevant services.
    These may be third parties that The End Karaoke uses for example for the execution of
    payments (payment service providers), marketing activities (such as printing, e-mail, mail
    processors, social media and search engines), booking system, for example, for IT activities (IT service providers) and for its customer service. To
    the extent that these third parties process Personal Data when performing the services in
    question, they do so as a processor for The End Karaoke and The End Karaoke has taken
    the necessary technical and organizational measures to ensure that your data is only
    processed for the above purposes.
    Only if The End Karaoke is legally obliged to do so, Personal Data will be provided to
    regulators, tax authorities and investigative authorities.
    ❏ How long will your Personal Data be stored
    Your Personal Data will be deleted or made anonymous when it is no longer necessary for
    the purposes for which The End Karaoke processes it.
    ❏ The End Karaoke and third-party websites
    On the website of The End Karaoke you will find links to other websites of third parties. The
    End Karaoke is not responsible for the handling of personal data by those parties. Read the
    relevant privacy statement of those websites for this.
    Disclaimer: This is originally a Dutch text and Dutch legislation. This is how well it was
    possible translated into German. The End Karaoke acknowledges that there is no liability for
    errors in the translation of the text.

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